Drone Inspection Services

Benchmark OHS Consulting provides innovative technology solutions embracing the latest drone technology to ensure your people are protected along with your profits and assets.

  • With Australia’s most qualified Drone operator’s and safety consultants, we embrace compliance and value technology within the Drone Inspection and Testing services that we provide.
  • Utility inspection and Testing service
  • Customised compliance and technology solutions
  • Outsorced managed services
  • CASA Certified Unmanned Operator (CASA UOC.0387)
  • $20 Million Public Liability insurance on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPA’s) operation
  • High resolution imagery for asset inspection
  • 3D modelling of asset/site (can be overlayed with risks and mitigating controls for safety inductions)
  • Aerial Survey including topography and volume calculations
  • Thermal/IR inspection
  • Emergency response (Critical real-time hazard information from above)
  • Plant health mapping
  • Pest Control
  • Weed Spraying
  • Expertly trained RPA’s controllers

The data sets available via Unmanned Aerial acquisitions were just simply not available previously in a lot for situations. The ability to capture the complete data set, without risking the safety of people inspecting the asset (Whilst working at heights), is a big leap forward due to the availability of higher level defences (control measures) with regard to proactive safety management instead of reliance on lower level administrative controls such as personal protective equipment and training. Rope access for inspections, Cherry picker hire and helicopters are all extremely expensive and a lot of the times unable to capture the critical information.

Benchmark OHS Consulting can also provide a managed service where UAV operations are integrated into your WHS, Environmental or Quality Management Systems.

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