Course Purpose

This course is designed for Managers and Supervisors who are directly responsible for work health and safety within their job description. In today’s workplace if your not working safely – then you’re not meeting your job description or legal requirements. This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the principles of the NEW WHS legislation and workplace health and risk management as an integral part of any workplace. The course should also assist in the development of WHS Cultural attitudes to enable Managers to effectively manage workplace health and safety in their areas of responsibility.

This allows the participant to undertake a classroom based course and learn from WHS experts in this area.


The learning aims for the course are:

  • Describe the general provision of Work, Health and Safety legislation throughout Australia. This includes the duties of employers (PCBUs) and workers and other key provisions under the WHS Act and Regulations.
  • Describe the processes of WHS Consultation and the consultations mechanisms used to manage workplace health & safety
  • Describe the principles of WHS Risk Management and discuss the tools that can be used to implement WHS Risk Management and continuous improvement in the workplace.
  • Describe the importance of procedures for the review of OHS performance in the workplace.


Participants upon successful completion will receive at Statement of Attendance upon completion.

Participants need reading and writing skills equivalent to Year 10 NSW English level in order to sit the course.

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