Need help putting together a Construction WHS Management System?

    Having a Construction WHS Management System is necessary for all NSW government construction projects. It needs to provide the framework for applying a systematic approach to the management of WHS.

    This applies for contracts valued at $1m or more, or lower where the agency otherwise determines, contracts will only be awarded to contractors with an acceptable Corporate WHS Management System. It’s important that it meets the requirements of the NSW Government WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines 5th Edition.

    A Construction WHS Management System will demonstrate a contractor’s WHS structure, policies and resources and identify who is accountable for this. It will also demonstrate the integration of WHS requirements with the general management procedures, practices and performance standards of the contractor.

    It should give clear guidelines for the contractor’s consultation and risk management processes, define who has responsibility for WHS, and outline how these policies, practices, standards and procedures will be communicated.

    The WHS system documentation will describe WHS policies and procedures covering all the activities of the organisation, including how the documents will be managed, and who will be responsible for keeping and updating them.

    The Construction WHS Management System documents will generally consist of the following components.

    • A WHS policy which sets out the contractor’s commitment to work health and safety.
    • WHS manual – The manual broadly describes how the organisation will comply with each system element, and will refer to the other system documents for descriptions of the processes required.
    • WHS procedures – Each system element involves a number of activities, and the way these activities are to be performed will be specified in system procedures. At least one procedure is usually required and written for each system element.
    • Work procedures and instructions – Technical procedures or work procedures address work-related activities. Examples are plant maintenance procedures, and site safety inspection procedures.
    • Forms and records – Various forms are used to help keep a record of health and safety performance.

    Benchmark OHS Consulting can provide the necessary Consultancy services in conducting an initial assessment of your organisation. Then the preparation and collation of the key information relevant to the work into a formal Construction WHS Management System. We will ensure it in accordance with the necessary Construction WHS Management System WHS requirements.

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