If you are a construction company wanting to obtain OFSC Office of Federal Safety Commission Accreditation or are applying for Office of Federal Safety Commission OFSC accreditation, our team of OFSC specialists and auditors can assist your organisation with the hard road ahead in achieving accreditation for the highest level of safety maturity for your organisation.

    On average organisations who apply for this accreditation without the right expertise and appropriately qualified professionals within this area fail 2.5 times prior to achieving their Office of Federal Safety Commission OFSC accreditation.

    We aim to assist our clients with a smooth transition and practical, knowledgeable approach to ensuring that we help your organisation achieve the quickest possible accreditation without costly delays in time frames and opportunity costs to organisations when applying for larger building contracts and approvals.

    Companies wanting to achieve accreditation must have the following pre-requisite requirements in order to apply for OFSC accreditation:

    1. Demonstrated ability to management construction hazards at the highest level
    2. Record in relation to workplace health and safety
    3. Onsite WHS Audit results
    4. Performance against the following focus points;
    5. Demonstrated senior management commitment towards WHS
    6. Integration of safe design principles into the risk management process
    7. Whole of project WHS consultation and communication
    8. Whole of project performance measurement
    9. WHS Training and competency to deal with safety risks

    On-site audits from the Federal Safety Commissioner will take place to ensure that organisations meet both documentation evidence to meet the OFSC audit tool along with interviews and with employees and management within the organisational structure ensure policies and procedures are understood at all levels within the organisation.

    For more information on how we can help your organisation achieve OFSC Accreditation or maintaining OFSC accreditation please Contact Us via our enquiry form or call us on 1300 651 913.