WHS (OHS) inspections are required by work health and safety laws in order for organisations to meet their legislative requirements under relevant state and national work health and safety laws.

    It is important the WHS inspections are systematic and identify hazards and risks within all operational areas of a workplace. The WHS inspections are best developed in consultation with workforce or those working within a particular work area. The WHS Inspections will form part of the Risk Management function which will sit under an organisations WHS Management System.

    The WHS Inspections aim to achieve the following:

    • Have competent persons trained in Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control identify physical hazards and risks within the workplace e.g. Frayed Electrical lead or a blocked fire exit
    • WHS legal compliance with the Work Health and Safety laws
    • Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries when conducted on a systematic basis
    • Provides the business with a tool that has been developed in consultation with those working within the work areas inspected

    WHS (OHS) Inspections can be conducted by our Third Party WHS Consultants to assist your organisation with hazard reduction and due diligence. It’s imperative that an organisation knows what their hazards and risks are and sometimes an experienced unbiased WHS consultant can assist your organisation in identifying those areas of risk.

    A common WHS (OHS) inspection conducted by us would usually involve a WHS consultant undertaking a walkthrough WHS (OHS) inspection in consultation within a company representative of some common areas such as; offices, warehouses, loading bays, construction sites, civil works areas, manufacturing facilities, property facilities or government environments. Hazards and risks identified would be documented within a formal report provided to the business along with recommendations or corrective actions required to meet legislative compliance.

    For further information on how we can assist your organisation with undertaking a WHS Inspection please Contact Us on 1300 651 913 or submit an online enquiry form.