WHS Safety

How to build a safety culture with WHS Champions

Nowadays, safety at the workplace has become a major issue. Introducing a safety culture within an organisation can create WHS (work health and safety) awareness among employees. Workplace safety is the responsibility of every staff member, but it’s not that easy to spread awareness and solve behavioural issues.

One successful way for WHS management within the organisation is building a network of WHS champions. Then the message of safety can be communicated with ease among the employees.

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WHS Audits

7 Benefits of WHS Audits in the Workplace

The health and safety needs of every business are continually evolving which makes it important to carry out audits on a regular basis. A safety audit is carried out to assess compliance in the workplace. In audits, your onsite procedures and processes are assessed systematically which ensures the welfare, health, and safety of employees in your organisation. Here I give you 7 benefits of WHS audits for workplace safety:

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