According to Safe Work Australia 88% of accidents and injuries occur due to unsafe behaviours within the workplace.

    This statistic can significantly add to a company’s overhead and costs if not managed correctly with the right programs to protect and preserve human capital. Many compliant organisations present well from a system and procedural perspective and even can display outstanding audit results in terms of safety performance. Although when workplace safety behaviours are observed, often there is a disconnect between safety behaviours displayed within the workplace and actual systems and procedures.

    Organisations who are wanting to transition from a compliant status according to Patrick Hudson’s Model for Safety Maturity must move from a compliant status to focus more on workplace behaviours in order to become more proactive towards safety improvement and safety maturity. This transition will significantly cut company costs and overheads associated with accidents and injuries.

    Organisational leaders will need to provide visibility and lead by safety actions and behaviours for an organisation to have a reduction in workplace accidents and injuries and a proactive / resilient safety culture.

    Benchmark OHS Consulting can assist organisations with the cost effective design and development of a behaviour based safety programs along with Behaviour Based Safety training of management through to workers.

    Some of the approaches used by our consulting team to assist organisations can include the following:

    1. Behaviour Based Safety – Safety Behaviour Observations which can be used by peers and managers.
    2. Safety Leadership Programs – Duty Officers within organisations displaying safety visibility and becoming ‘leaders of safety’ rather than ‘Supporters of Safety’
    3. Human Error Prevention – workers are equipped with the right tools and training to assist in reducing risk of human error and unsafe acts and behaviours.

    For more information on how we can help your organisation develop and implement a Behaviour Based Safety program please Contact Us via our enquiry form or call us on 1300 651 913.