Does Your Business need a WHS Management System?

    The components of a Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) are very variable and are
    dependent on what the system manages and intends to achieve.

    Management Systems are therefore fairly complex as they should contain all of the components necessary to cover all issues in the management of a particular site or area. But we always stress It should be applicable to your organisational needs and take into account your operations.

    A formal documented strategic approach ensures legislative compliance, due diligence and risk management focusing on standards and best industry practices. This will result in the reduction of human injury, property and equipment damage, service interruption, and corporate and individual liabilities, therefore managing overall costs and risk factors.

    The scope of the review process and the development of the WHS Management System Development is determined entirely by the objectives of your organisation, and is therefore tailored to your specific needs. Naturally the objectives must be compatible with the resources allocated. The process begins with initial contact by our Consultants with your organisation to conduct an assessment and preparation of a plan to review the operations identifying processes,work areas and any systems in place, review of existing site documentation e.g. WHS Manual, Hazard/risk assessments, procedures, other documented policies, and review of any previous WHS Audit recommendations.

    The next step is to provide a clear outline of activities required for the development of each of the WHS Management System (WHSMS) Manual/Elements. This will include where we review and tailor the WHS Management System (including any site build requirements to provide model formats for the Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) production of drafts for review and acceptance. Upon development of the Management System an Implementation Plan is develop for a programmed rollout of new processes across targeted business areas. This is where we can assist in conducting as required the necessary program implementation activities and deliver relevant information and training to all stakeholders.

    Benchmark OHS Consulting  experienced consultants can provide review and tailor your Management System “Framework” documentation with the supporting forms and tools. Our consultants can also work with you in the implementation of the Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) which requires employees to clearly understand the policies and the procedures established for the achievement of the safety objectives of your organisation.

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