Is your workplace WHS friendly? Might be time to get WHS Gap Analysis done?

    Work Health and Safety (WHS) Gap Analysis are conducted in accordance with AS4801 OHS Management System requirements and appropriate Legislative and Industry best practice requirements. In addition to the interviewing of workers, the facility, equipment, conditions and controls, we review and evaluate existing documentation, management philosophy and practices to determine degree of compliance and performance.

    We are willing to work with organisations towards their safety goals, by conducting a WHS Gap Analysis of you WHS Management System. The benefits of a Gap Analysis are:

    • Ensures the system that you have in place is specific to and meets the needs of the people and processes within the organisation;
    • Gives you a measure to compare your base line, which allows growth toward your world-class safety system;
    • Evaluates and increases the effectiveness of system components and programming;
    • Ensures appropriate mechanisms are in place to administer all aspects of the safety system and that those are properly utilised;
    • Identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement in program components, development, implementation, performance, reporting, tracking, communication, and what corrective action is required; and
    • Shows the importance of your safety program to all.

    The first step is to submit your Safety Management System Manual and procedures and we conduct a desktop audit. As part of the Desktop Audit we develop the specific gap analysis audit tool/criteria that will be utilised during the WHS Gap Analysis where we conduct the on-site documentation review will may include viewing the following: WHSC minutes, inspection reports, training records, SDS’s, safety statistics, first aid records, planned maintenance records and safety handbooks.

    This followed by reviewing the site’s processes, work areas and WHS systems in place and finally a Closing Meeting is conducted present an overview of the findings using strengths to promote improvements, explain any non-conformities, provide a summary/ overview of the whole audit. This session allows for questions, concerns, comments, or further recommendations to be addressed.

    The information gained through document review, interviews, inspections and observations will be placed in written report outlining the elements of the review, as well as including existing Achievements (strengths) and Opportunities for Improvement (weaknesses), with recommendations and an Action Plan or strategy.

    Benchmark OHS Consulting experienced consultants can work with your organisation towards your safety goals, by conducting a WHS Gap Analysis of your WHS Management System.

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