A robust safety culture is the foundation to ensuring that accidents and injuries are prevented within the workplace.

    Safety Culture starts with the Senior Leadership Team or Board of Directors within any company. We can help duty officers within organisations become ‘Leaders of Safety’ rather than ‘Supporters of Safety’.

    With our proven track record of assisting organisations with their safety cultural change and safety maturity, time and time again we often see a disconnect between systems and procedures within workplaces and behaviours displayed at the coal face of many businesses that we come into contact with. This disconnect identifies an underlying immaturity in safety culture which can lead to an increase and accidents and injuries which in turn effects business profits and productivity.

    Our experienced team of consultants can assist in the following areas of safety cultural work and assist organisations with safety maturity:

    • Measuring the organisations perceptions of safety
    • Develop a safety culture improvement corrective action plan
    • Undertake safety cultural change workshop with senior leaders and middle management to assist with cultural change and improvement safety maturity

    Benchmark OHS Consulting uses a globally recognised safety climate survey base on the Patrick Hudson Model – Safety Climate Survey. This safety climate survey will assist us in collecting the necessary organisational data needed to identify safety cultural gaps in order to make improvements within any organisation.

    During the safety climate surveys conducted we often find that valuable employee and management feedback is provided and documented during the surveys. This information will assist organisations in making necessary changes.

    The Hudson Model safety climate survey captures relevant data and a formal report on the safety climate survey findings are presented back to the business within a qualitative and quantitative format to be effectively used by any organisation.

    For further information on how we can assist your organisation with improving safety culture and safety maturity please Contact Us on 1300 651 913 or submit an online enquiry form.